Leading by example, case studies for a Telstra Franchise

Posted: Thu, Oct 23, 2014
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Public Relations Marketing

In March-April 2014, young entrepreneuer and franchisee of two Telstra Retail Outlets plus a Telstra Business Centre, Anthony Jephcott, asked Annie Blair to create a series of 'client success stories' to support his sales team.

From a sealant franchisor, Wet-Seal, to an interior designer, Natural Habitat, as well as giftware company Wicked Berries and giant tourism operator North Coast Holiday Parks, Annie's task was broad and interesting.

Through a series of friendly and approachable face to face and phone interviews with Telstra's clients, Annie created a series of 500-600 word Case Studies that were then designed by April Briscoe of Art Geko. These were not just to appear in Brag Books for the archives... but to be a real selling tool for the sales team in providing examples of what local, respected businesses had rolled out.

What Telstra said: "Thanks so much for this. These case studies are great and I’m really pleased with how things are progressing. The face to face reps have the case studies at the moment and they are being well received by prospective customers." Anthony Jephcott

Media Release for Wicked Berries - was picked up by local press
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